About Growth Automation Services

Give more power to your business at a fraction of the cost


Small businesses require time, passion and a scary amount of reliance on technology. Managing the businesses software stack and connected technology is not a full time job for those experienced with using them and know how to avoid emergencies. Connecting your marketing so it all leads to better service and sales is our goal. 


Systems That Run On Auto-Pilot

There is a method to the madness with managing your CRM, marketing and cloud technology. With us you get the experience needed to ensure best practices for your future growth, data to help you supervise, and experienced advice on which technology will meet your needs. 

Growth Automation Services is designed to build your marketing workflow and automation so that you can consistently reproduce campaigns. 

We train our team to have in depth knowledge of the leading technologies on the market.  


About our CEO and Founder, Eric Hoyer, Chief Automation Engineer

I remember when I got my first management position out of high school and still going to college. It was an exciting time, I was nervous leading a group of people counting on me and afraid I would screw up. It turned into one of the most rewarding experiences, my team ended up crushing all goals, and multiple pizza party Fridays ensued for rewards.

Between my love of technology and extreme loathing of anything repetitive I quickly found a love for automation technology. Automation and cloud technology allows for rapid scaling of tasks that were once full time position.

Since then I have helped grow multiple 8 figure companies that functioned like clockwork until I automated everything and got bored. I realized I enjoyed building the system and helping management support their employees.

I built this company so that we can truthfully say our honesty, loyalty, and genuine interest in the success of your business is what sets us apart.

When I am not working you will find me soaking up the sun on one Tampa Bay’s beautiful beaches or exploring the wilderness of the deep south with hiking and fresh water springs galore.